LOCATION / Bodrum Milas
PROJECT AREA / 40.000 m²
PROJECT TYPE / Architecture (together w/WATG)

Like the joruney of the Turkish hillside towns of Kayakoy and Sandima that have been re-discovered in the hills surrounding Bodrum, the Park Hyatt leads to the discovery of a lost hill side village in the pine forests of Vita Park.

The design respects every tree and creates greeen courtyards that become the organizing spaces of the project. Each courtyard hourses existing pine trees that becoma the focal attention of the surrounding spaces and focuses the vistas on to the next courtyard. The massing of the buildings has been organized as a series of small volumes that cascade down the hill allowing for panoramic views from large landspaced terraces.

Nature is brought into the heart of each space and nature penetrates the circulation of each path that traverses down the hill through a series of wooden and stone steps along water falling brooks. The essence of the design is the environment, the integration of nature into the heart of each space to create a unique destination in the hills of Bodrum. The hotel of the is located in the Vita Park Golf Resort consisting of an 18-Hole course, driving range & practice area In future it is planned for the resort to accommodate a golf school and various sports facilites